Privacy Policy

Most SEO services that provide agencies tend to offer the service separately after the designing and creating websites for their clients. Here at Emarketer we tent to actually provide other services to our customers apart from SEO and web development services. we also provide online marketing advice and free custom privacy guideline building for our customer sites’. we always create the data protection requirements of our customers, which are easy to read and understand by web users.

We ask this by asking our customers who are looking to their companies to get the necessary background about their business and their business conditions. we ensure that the site of our customers has compliance tools that help keep the privacy of our customers secure. we also ensure that our Privacy Policy adheres to federal data protection laws such as Google AdWords Privacy Policy Requirements.

The benefits that come with us create privacy guidelines for the websites of our customers are limitless. we make sure that we keep the service discreet as possible where we do not ask too much questions about the business of a client that seems irrelevant to us when we formulate privacy guidelines. we also do not share the information given to us by our Client’s and only make sure that the product is made without any form of infringement of our customer’s rights.